The Story of Nudz

Launched in summer of 2015, founder Sheila Donaldson set out to challenge the lingerie industry’s narrow definition that has historically defined ‘nude’ as beige.

With her 'birthday suit' approximating the hue of a chocolate covered espresso bean, Sheila was fed up with black as her only ‘nude’ option and could easily identify with the struggle to find undergarments that resemble one’s own complexion.

Recognizing that what is nude for one woman isn’t nude for another she decided to create a comprehensive range of bras and panties that would accurately reflect the diversity of skin tones in the world.

The first step in this journey was to create the Nudz color palette. Sheila focused first and foremost on the many hues of black women. It was especially important to her that darker skin tones be recognized as many times women with darker hues are not considered; much less acknowledged. And in fact, with 9 out of the 10 shades reflecting the diversity of the African American community, Nudz offers a ‘nude’ for every black woman. 

As a native of Miami Sheila was also fully aware of the diverse skin tones of the Latina community. For this reason in naming each ‘nude’ she decided to draw from both African American and Latina women. The result is a line of ten distinct shades, titled The New Nudes®, that recognizes the darkest to the fairest of beauties.

ALEK, LUPITA, TIKA, GABRIELLE, KERRY, ZOE, EVA, ADRIANA, SOFIA and SCARLETT each shade is named to make your ‘nude’ easy to identify.  Our goal is to reshape the narrative for millions of women of color whose only “nude” option has been black, beige or white by offering them the freedom of choice in a skin tone that is uniquely their own.

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